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I first approached Valerie after becoming concerned about my short cycle lengths and how it could be impacting our attempts to conceive.

Following an in-depth consultation, Valerie provided insightful advice on my diet, supplements, lifestyle plus some handy tips and tricks. No question was too silly.

After working hard to make some big changes alongside weekly acupuncture sessions, my cycles adjusted and I’m pleased so say I’m now 16 weeks pregnant. Like many women, getting to this point has not been straight forward for me and the amount of information out there is overwhelming.

I decided to build a team of support and I have found working with experts like Valerie to be invaluable. I’m very grateful to her and would recommend her services to anyone who needs help navigating their way through the fog.

Freya, Bristol

“I’m now 21 weeks pregnant and so happy to get success with our first embryo transfer, as it had already been a long journey to get to that point. I would recommend acupuncture with Valerie to anyone going through fertility struggles to get the mind and body as ready as you can whether trying naturally or with fertility treatments.

After a couple of months, I was ready for the transfer, and the nurse said my uterine lining looked top quality. Valerie went out of her way to provide acupuncture before and after the transfer, which was midday on a Sunday. It gave me a lot of reassurance and was really helpful to help me relax after the stress of the transfer, as well as having someone knowledgeable to talk to.”

Alison W, South Glos

“I have really enjoyed first session and was very impressed.

Even just talking to you made me very comfortable and I look forward to another session.”

A.P. Bristol

Back in December, before working with Valerie I was feeling a bit lost and quite low in energy. I definitely recognized that I didn’t physically feel in a great place.  Now, I feel more confident and could not be happier with the outcome we have had post treatment. Acupuncture has really been a game changer for us as we have achieved a pregnancy and are now in our second trimester.  The most helpful part has been knowing that we are working with an expert in the world of fertility which can be a bit of a rabbit hole. It has been really helpful to have a plan and be guided through the process.  We cannot thank you enough for getting us to this stage and we are so grateful for all your help.

Adam, Bristol