Jess, Bristol

We started trying for a baby in 2020 and couldn’t believe that I got pregnant straight away, however, I sadly miscarried a few weeks later. Following that, we’d been trying for around 8 months before I came to see Valerie. I was feeling quite obsessive and lonely with the whole process.

It’s been a long journey since then but I’m now 17 weeks pregnant following our second IVF transfer and we are so excited. I feel relieved, thankful and am enjoying each milestone of pregnancy.

Valerie has supported us with advice and regular acupuncture sessions. These sessions quite quickly lengthened my luteal phase and I found them very relaxing. I also noticed improvements in my energy. I think the most valuable thing over the past 2+ years has been having an ally to navigate the fertility system with, which can feel so overwhelming.

She has advised us on what to push for or do ourselves, from tests with our GP, referrals for additional tests that are not covered by the NHS, IVF and supporting my husband with his varicocele removal. Our funds are limited, and she really helped us to prioritise and persevere through the NHS system.

She’s helped me to feel in control and like we were doing all we can at each stage, despite it being a long process.

Thank you Valerie!